• Model: M90##1062 Malinois wire muzzle padded

Belgian Malinois Muzzle-Wire Muzzle,Cage Muzzle,Basket Dog Muzzle For Belgian Malinois


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Our heavy duty humane Cage/Wire Basket Dog Muzzle is used by The professionals for dog training and bite prevention!!!

Malinois wire basker dog muzzle FULL PADDED

This wire dog muzzle(cage muzzle,basket muzzle) is recommended by Veterinarians, Dog Trainers & Behaviorist.This muzzle is completely safe and non-toxic.Among the advantages: Inhibits biting, chewing. Extremely difficult for the dog to dislodge with its paws. It is never advised to leave your dog unattended while muzzled.

wire basker dog muzzle full padded for Belgian Malinois

The muzzle is padded on nose with soft felt for maximum comfort of your dog and to prevent rubbing.


Dog muzzle heavy weight and solid with leather lining and adjustable leather head and neck straps( Fits Belgian Malinois , German Shepherd dog or Rottweiler )

Full Padded Basket wire dog muzzle perfect for Malinois

Full Padded Basket wire dog muzzle perfect for Malinois

Instructions For Measuring Your Dog

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