• Model: M9###1062 Mastiff Wire Dog Muzzle

Mastiff Dog Muzzle - Wire Muzzle,Cage Muzzle,Basket Dog Muzzle For Mastiff Dog


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This wire dog muzzle(cage muzzle,basket muzzle) is recommended by Veterinarians, Dog Trainers & Behaviorist.

Wire Dog Muzzle for Mastiff -Mastiff Basket Cage Dog Muzzle - M9

Wire Dog Muzzle for Mastiff- Mastiff Basket Cage Dog Muzzle - M9

- If the dog has the habit of barking or biting, and you want him to stop doing it, you can use a dog muzzle.

-  This dog equipment is very important, especially for dangerous or aggressive dogs that you want to prevent from doing any damage.

Mastiff Wire Dog Muzzle
Large, Extra Large Dog muzzle for Mastiffs

- You place the muzzle on the dogs mouth, so he cant open it and bite with it. You can use dog muzzle to vary how much freedom the dog has.

New Style Wire Dog Muzzle for German Shepherd

Mastiff Dog Wire Muzzle-Cage Basket Dog Muzzle

Mastiff Dog Wire Muzzle-Cage Basket Dog Muzzle

Instructions For Measuring Your Dog

1.Length - Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches

2.Circumference - Circumference around snout one inch below eye line in inches

4.Neck Circumference- Circumference around neck behind ears in inches

5.Width- Snout width in the widest part

6.Height - Snout height , should be measured with mouth a little open

Mixed breeds owners attention! Please supply accurate sizing info - most of the times (99%) we will be able to send good fit.

*Please supply as much accurate sizing info as possible to maximize chances of good fit. Please note - there are extra charges involved in exchange - see return/exchange policy for detail

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